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6 Situations When Employers Need an Employment Lawyer

6 Situations When Employers Need an Employment Lawyer

Even employers have rights, and they need help from an employment lawyer. While you can tackle most employment matters in your company, some issues are best left in the hands of an employment law expert. Employment laws change regularly, and the courts and government agencies get new ways of employment law interpretation. The following are some of the legal issues that employers should consider bringing to an attorney.

1. Compiling Severance Packages

Layoffs are unfortunate, though they are the reality of business. However, you may want your employees to leave with severance packages for adequate compensation. Therefore, it’s paramount to create a package that gives your employees an excellent landing place after a layoff. In that case, working with an employment lawyer helps to create the right package and avoid litigation later.

2. Being Served with Legal Papers

You might find your company on the wrong end of summons or complaints. Employers need to know how to receive the documents delivered to their address. Contact your attorney on the phone to clarify the way forward to avoid making some costly legal mistakes. It’s best to have an attorney handle the case rather than talking to your former employee or try to settle the dispute without legal assistance.

3. Designing a Workplace Policy


Every employer wants to set up a suitable workplace for their employees. You can achieve this through a good lawyer. The employment lawyer can help to incorporate matters like vacation days, holiday bonuses, and sick leaves into the policy. Having a lawyer’s guidance ensures that everything is lawful and ethical.

4. Oversight Your Employee Handbook

While you can draft an employee handbook with unique policies, it’s still paramount for a lawyer to check it. An employment attorney specializing in employment law can oversee the drafting of an employee handbook to ensure that it’s legally binding. Additionally, hire a legal expert to review your handbook often, especially after hitting 15 and 50 employees.

5. Due Diligence with Workers Compensation Claims

An employer might require legal services when the company is facing a worker’s compensation claim. The employment attorney investigates the claim and the situation to ascertain that the case is legitimate. Also, the lawyer ensures that you don’t overpay for the claim. Employment lawyers ensure that you are protected. The experts at Levitt LLP are capable of providing you with further information.

6. Firing an Employee

Employers are allowed to fire their employees, as long as it’s for a legal reason. However, some terms make it illegal and can have legal implications. For instance, it’s illegal to fire an employee for getting pregnant. Therefore, to prevent legal violations when firing an employee, it’s advisable to work with an employment attorney. Always double-check with employment lawyers even when laying employees off for legal advice and avoid lawsuits in the future.