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How to Get Rid of Small Black Flies

How to Get Rid of Small Black Flies

No matter the year’s season, some flies will always be around. Whether they come in their larger forms or manifest with a black colour in huge numbers, flies can be hard to deal with. This is especially true if you do not readily know how to find their source and eliminate them.

Fortunately, there are some unique strategies you can use to conduct both. It may take some time to figure out initially, especially as they may be in different rooms altogether. With the right tools and supplies, you can be rest assured that they will not be a pest for the long term.

Use the following tips to find and eliminate the smaller black flies in the home.

1. Identification

Flies come with different appearances. Even though it may not seem important initially, this can help indicate your approach to killing them. Some flies have shades of black on them, but they are not enveloped with the colour. Your approach will be to take care of the latter.

These flies are usually referred to as drain flies, as they mostly come with several shades of dark colours. Moreover, they usually have hair strands on their bodies, with their wings standing out. Once you look at how they appear, you can proceed with the right pest control solutions to eliminate them.

2. Cleaning Up

Flies are drawn to sources of sustenance. Or, they can be drawn to things they think are food sources for their needs. Whatever the case, it is important to determine those sources and promptly act on them. For example, do you have open sources of garbage in your kitchen or bathroom?

If the climate is particularly warm, this could be all needed to attract those flies. As a result, make sure to clean up the environment within your home. Close all garbage cans, and take out nearly full bags. Then, it is recommended to clean or sanitize the targeted area so that flies are no longer drawn to it.

3. Fruits And Vegetables

When it comes to specific sources of sustenance, all types of flies love leftover fruits and veggies. Once these scraps are disposed into the right disposal unit, they may be drawn to them outright. Or, they may even try to keep their presence around fresh fruits and vegetables if they are in the open.

The best step to take here is to simply shut off their access. Keep all your fruits and vegetables enclosed in the right containers so they do not wither away quickly. If you have open sources of the food, check their freshness occasionally. If flies are swarming, it is best to use a chemical spray to remove them before disposing of the food.

4. Beverage Spills

Beverages will also play a small role on the opposite end of the food spectrum. The smaller black flies you encounter in your home are drawn to certain drinks over others. For instance, if you have a juice spill on a kitchen countertop, clean it up as soon as possible. The sugars in these drinks are known to have flies gathered in abundance.

The same sentiment applies to spillages of alcoholic beverages. While they may not necessarily become intoxicated after consuming spilled liquor, they may still gather in numbers. Remembering this in mind if you live in a warm climate is critical. Keeping your environment free of spills in and around the home will ensure flies are shut out!

5. Apple Cider And Vinegar

Some homemade traps are quite effective in dealing with small black flies. One of the most effective comes from an apple cider and vinegar mix. Usually, small black flies will be drawn to the scent of the vinegar. Once the mixture is placed in a small bottle, it gathers around it.

However, once they enter the bottle, the strength of the apple cider will be enough to kill them outright. It is quite easy to implement, requiring only a few ingredients. That way, you don’t have to go out of your way to kill them.

6. Still Water

Any sort of fly will be attracted to sources of standing water. Whenever these puddles appear, clean them up promptly. That way, they cannot lay their eggs and survive!