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Visiting a Retirement Home? 8 Little Details You Must Observe

Visiting a Retirement Home? 8 Little Details You Must Observe

If you’re helping your older family member decide which retirement hope they’d like to live within for the coming years, it’s important that you know how to take on the decision-making process. There a multitude of elements to take into consideration. In this latest post, we’ll highlight eight expert tips for those visiting local retirement homes.

1. Pay Attention to Staff Demeanor

As the staff friendly? Do they seem to engage with guests during your visit? Look at staffing patterns and consider whether the organization is able to employ enough staff per resident. This will show the company’s commitment to the staff and will highlight their willingness to meet unique resident demands as required.

2. Take a Look Around the Outdoor Spaces

Does the residence provide the required amount of outdoor space for residents to enjoy? Are they able to go freely into the garden to enjoy fresh air? Make sure that the areas feel safe and secure and that the staff oversee the use of the outdoor space.

3. Try to Visit During an Activity

What kind of activities does the company offer within the retirement home? Make sure that you take a look at their activity board and then visit during a time when residents are coming together to enjoy an activity. Do the activities the company offers match the interests of your family member? Does your family member seem interested in any activities offered by the organization?

4. Consider Safety and Security Measures

What kind of security measures are in place within the building to protect residents? Is the company able to show that they take resident security seriously? Are their emergency call buttons within their rooms? What about the bathrooms within the facility? Consider the full range of security requirements your loved one might have within the building.

5. Ask if the Resident Will be Asked to Move Out

In some scenarios, a retirement home might ask a current resident to move out of their building if their behaviour is becoming too difficult for the staff to handle. Ask the staff about their behavioural requirements for residents and make sure your loved one is able to abide by any restrictions in place.

6. Get Resident Feedback

While you’re walking around the facility, you might take the opportunity to speak with current residents. This will allow you to find out more on the facility and gain a behind-the-scenes perspective to determine whether it’s the right facility for your loved one. Ask residents and their families about how they’ve been treated at the facility and whether they have any concerns that can be followed up on with the facility staff.

7. Make Sure You Eat a Meal at the Property

When you visit the retirement homes, make sure that you stay and eat a meal at the property. When you enjoy a meal at the residence you can get a sense of how the kitchen staff operates. Are they able to provide food quickly and at the optimal temperature? Do they provide the residents with the type of meal options that suit their tastes? These are important considerations to review when sitting to meals at retirement homes.

8. Make Your Instincts a Priority

Are you at ease with your loved one spending their time in the facility? Is there an element that seems out of place that puts you on edge? When going around the facility, trust your instincts and feel free to ask questions. This is an important time in your loved one’s life, and this facility must offer the ideal fit for them in the long-term.

Making the decision on a retirement facility for loved ones can take time. Use the tips within this post when making your decision and then carefully consider your options before coming to your final choice.