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Say No to Hotels: 7 Reasons to Stay in a Furnished Apartment Instead

Say No to Hotels: 7 Reasons to Stay in a Furnished Apartment Instead

Travelling has become a popular lifestyle choice for people of all demographics. Affordable and accessible transportation has made it easy to visit different locations and countries.

Because seeing the world is now a more economical vacation option, many avid globe trotters are looking less at hotels for other forms of accommodation. A renewed an interest in time share packages, cottage rentals, and other community suites has gained momentum in recent years.

Today, you can go to almost any city or country and find a furnished apartment to rent instead of staying in a hotel room. The trend to paying for one of these places has grown because of their many beneficial qualities. Some assets include:

1. Affordability

Suites range in price from economical to extravagant rates. Depending on your budget and location, you can often find rental property that is cheaper than many hotel rooms. For travellers spending a week or more at their destination, renting a property is more cost effective.

2. Home Away from Home

Suites offer all the comforts of home in a foreign place. The modern facilities that you have in your personal residence are also available at your personal rental unit. They include a kitchen, laundry, living room, bedroom, internet, cable, and storage areas. Some places even have garages, sheds, private beaches, balconies, and other features that you will not find in most motels.  Rather than sitting in a one room place where you must leave to eat or perform basic care, suites offer all-in-one shelter.

3. Convenience

Many suites are in areas that easily meet your travel and itinerary needs. Many can be found in more private, less touristy areas, but still within commuting distance to all the best attractions. You can enjoy visiting all the best places while distancing yourself from the crowded areas.

4. Cleanliness

Upscale suites tend to be cleaner than most hotel rooms. Condos are owned by individuals or corporations who make money renting the place to tourists. Both take greater care of the place because they want to make money.  Corporations also have their reputations to worry about. Bad reviews are bad for business. There are also less people staying at the rental property compared to hotel populations.

5.  Away from the Tourist Places

Many suites are in more secluded and quieter areas of the cities, away from the main tourist hubs. A lot of hotels are located closer to the heart of the city where customers have the easiest access to the different attractions and hotspots.

Rental properties are usually located in areas that offer access to the different places, but not so close that they are continually immersed in the hustle and bustle.

6. Space

Rental properties are more spacious so you can enjoy the extra room to move around. Unlike one room, one parking spot hotel rentals, suites come in different sizes to suite your needs. They can have one or more bedrooms, plus other spaces in the unit.

7. Privacy

Renting condos provides much more privacy inside and outside of the home. You are not constantly around other guests, nor are you confined to sharing one room with your whole family.

Rental suites are gaining popularity as society become more mobile. The appeal of staying in a home-like rental environment is more attractive than vacationing in a hotel room because there are more benefits to having your own place.