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Titanium Power: 3 Benefits of Titanium Dental Implants

Titanium Power: 3 Benefits of Titanium Dental Implants

The absence of teeth can be devastating to your self-esteem, make you struggle when you speak and eat, and make you look years older than your actual age. For these reasons, more and more people are looking at getting dental implants.

Dental implants consist of a metal root inserted into the jawbone and capped by an artificial tooth usually made out of acrylic or porcelain. The metal used for the artificial root used in dental implants can be made out one of a variety of different materials.

However, titanium has proven itself to be the go-to option for people that want to get the most out of their implants. If you are given the choice in what type of root will be the foundation of your dental implants, below are the benefits in opting for titanium.

1. Function the same as natural teeth

Dentures with titanium roots are appealing because of their ability to allow implants to function the same as natural teeth, sometimes even better. Titanium allows for low thermal conductivity meaning that your implants will suffer no adverse effects as the result of being introduced to hot and cold foods, a sensation that can cause severe and extreme discomfort. The foods and drinks that you consume will not be influenced by a metallic taste which can be disappointing especially if this occurs while you are trying to enjoy your favourites.

With proper care, no one will even be able to tell that you have dental implants as the titanium holds them in a way that allow them to look natural and healthy.

2. Long-lasting & strong

Titanium roots are used in dental implants because of how long-lasting and strong they are, often allowing people to have them for the rest of their lives without replacement as long as they are properly cared for. The titanium root will not decay as long as you care for your dental implants the same way you would your natural teeth. Tooth-supported dental bridges are only known to last 5 to 7 years before you need to replace them and this can result in you paying extensive amounts of money.

Dental implants with titanium roots may need to be adjusted on occasion and while they may be more expensive up-front, they do not need as much attention by a dentist and are guaranteed to last. Titanium is a strong metal yet light-weight enough to be comfortable and natural-feeling. Because the titanium holds the crown firmly in place, you will never have to worry about them shifting around when you talk or eat, an occurrence that can be uncomfortable not to mention embarrassing.

3. Versatile

Whatever your needs are when replacing teeth, titanium-rooted dental implants are able to meet them and they will not disappoint. Titanium implants consist of a two-piece system whereas other types of implants use a one-piece system meaning that the prosthetic is cemented into place and as a result they need to be properly placed to prevent the implant from appearing at a problematic angle.

A two-piece system is more preferential and this is the process that most dentists will opt for. With this system, the titanium replaces the actual root and is placed at the level of the bone, offering more strength and durability. The root rises above the gum line and is capped with an elegant-looking porcelain crown. The two-piece system is versatile because it can be used for teeth that can be removed as well as crowns that are cemented to the titanium root.

Whatever option you think will work best for you, you can be accommodated with dental implants with titanium roots that offer elegance as well as comfort.