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PR Disaster: 5 Warning Signs That You Need to Improve Your Public Relations

PR Disaster: 5 Warning Signs That You Need to Improve Your Public Relations

Growing a business is tough. Business owners often wear many hats—they’re the CEOs, payroll clerks, HR reps, marketers, and salespeople. When you have to do everything yourself, it can be difficult to do anything at 100 percent. There also isn’t any time left over to think strategically about your core business and really drive its growth.

Eventually, you hire employees to manage some of your departments. You might also outsource back-office tasks, such as IT, payroll, and HR. Now, it’s time to get back on track. It’s time to get the word out, expand, and really make your mark in your industry.

What you might need is a partnership with a PR agency. How do you know if it’s time for this step? Keep reading to find out the sure-fire signs that indicate you need public relations help to grow your business.

1. You Don’t Know How to Get the Word Out

Every time your company wins an award, launches a new product, or opens a new store, it’s an opportunity to communicate and reconnect with your audience and the public at large. You should be showcasing all of the exciting things that are happening at your company.

But you need to do so strategically. You need a plan of action to get the word out. Which media outlets should you target? What should you say on social media? A PR agency can help you build a public relations plan for every piece of news and exciting innovation, so you can do it right.

2. You Have No Connections

You want to tell the world about your company. The problem is you don’t know anyone in the media. Public relations firms, on the other hand, typically have a wealth of connections to call on. They know journalists, editors, and other news personnel. They know which outlets will be interested in your story and how to spin it to ensure you get the press you’re looking for. They’ll talk to the right people to get the word out.

You don’t need to rely on generic press release channels. Having personal connections will be more impactful.

3. You Don’t Have an Effective Spokesperson

What you say to the media—or what your spokesperson says—can make or break your reputation. Say the wrong thing and your company can be seen in a negative light. Is this really something you want to risk? PR experts know exactly what to say to the media when they come calling for a quote or your side of the story.

4. You Don’t Have a Presence Online

This is a big red flag that you should engage a PR firm immediately. These days, consumers don’t trust brands. If the only information online about your company and your products comes directly from you, it’s going to be difficult to build relationships and trust with your audience.

People researching your business might look elsewhere if they can’t find any impartial, third-party news, reviews, testimonials, or information about your company.

A PR firm can ensure your company has a strong and positive presence online, including on social media and on search engines. Prospects who are searching your company will have plenty of coverage to peruse.

5. You’re Managing PR on Your Own

You should be at the helm of your company—not sending out press releases, writing and publishing blog posts, or sending out newsletters. If you’re spending too much time on public relations, it’s time to engage a PR agency. After all, you outsource other important aspects of your company—so why not outsource PR? You’ll be able to make PR a priority while still being able to get back to your core business.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs within your company, you know what you need to do.