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Newcomers to Canada: 5 Tips to Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

Newcomers to Canada: 5 Tips to Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

Canada is opening its arms to newcomers all over the world, but there are several caveats. In today’s toxic environment, where countries are shutting their doors or kicking out individuals, the Great White North is seeking to welcome as many people as possible. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can just waltz into the country and not follow immigration law.

Whether you’re from Australia or Pakistan, you will need to hire an immigration lawyer to help comb through the details and comprehend the various rules and laws pertaining to immigration. You just need to ensure that you select the right immigration lawyer. This could be tricky for some, especially if you’re residing in a developing country.

Here are five tips when hiring an immigration lawyer for newcomers:

1. Receive Recommendations or Read Testimonials

There are two ways to connect with an immigration attorney: be referred or read testimonials.

First, if you know at least several people who have relocated to Canada using the same attorney, then you should inquire with those individuals to get the lawyer’s contact information.

Second, do your due diligence online and read testimonials pertaining to the immigration lawyer. If they have incredible reviews, high star ratings and a glowing online presence, then you know you have selected the right attorney to represent you.

Trying to immigrate somewhere shouldn’t be done by yourself.

2. How Many Years Have They Practiced?

The more the experience the better it is for you. And this should be a determining factor.

When you’re scouring the directories, the Internet and the list friends and family members have given you, an important attribute of the interested parties should be the years they have practiced.

Yes, we want to give new people a chance, but something as important as immigration should not be left up to the amateurs. You want someone who has seen and done it all for many years.

3. Always Get Everything in Writing

A lawyer’s office should always provide you with every single communication, fact, record or update in writing. That is key, and this comes with constant contact (see below).

You should never tap an immigration lawyer who refuses to give you all of the important information in writing.

Remember, it is up to you to make duplicates, organize your documents and refer to them.

4. They Will Keep in Touch on a Regular Basis

An immigration lawyer who keeps in touch once every few months is not satisfactory.

It is true that an immigration lawyer, especially in today’s environment, will be inundated with work. However, it is not wrong to expect your representative to keep you in the loop on a regular basis, which entails emails, phone calls and even faxes every week or so.

If an immigration attorney can’t do this then perhaps you should seek elsewhere.

5. If It’s Too Good to be True…

In the end, and this is an adage for every part of life, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.
Should an immigration lawyer promise to proffer you Canadian citizenship in a matter of weeks for $10,000, then here is the truth: he is lying.

Canadian immigration is a long process, and it will set you back plenty of money. There is no shortcut, no easy route, no straight path to permanent residency or citizenship. It’s extensive, arduous and even frustrating. Don’t be fooled by anyone.

Like anything else in life, it is essential to do your due diligence, particularly when it comes to something as imperative as immigration to Canada. You don’t want to receive the wrong end of the stick by choosing an unfit, unqualified and unmatched immigration lawyer.

Experienced, personable, affordable and knowledgeable. These are qualities you should demand for an attorney. Without them, you can’t achieve the Canadian Dream.