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A Shoestring Budget: 4 Easy Ways to Save Money While Moving

A Shoestring Budget: 4 Easy Ways to Save Money While Moving

Moving is exciting, hectic and expensive. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to make moving a little easier on your wallet. Taking control of the moving process helps you eliminate unnecessary costs. Here are four easy ways you can save money during your move!

1. Spend Time Look For A Reliable Moving Company

Bad moving experiences cost you extra money, time and stress. Spending a little extra time sourcing out a moving company ensures that your move goes well. Some moving companies attract people with low prices, but they offer an experience that ends up costing more than hiring a quality company. Dealing with missing boxes, broken items, and other mishaps can easily be avoided by choosing a quality moving company with a team of hardworking movers.

Referrals from friends and family are excellent for finding both good and bad moving companies. You should also take the time to get estimates from multiple companies. The experience you have during the estimate is an indication of the type of service you’ll get from the company.

2. Don’t Pay For Boxes

Looking for boxes yourself is an underrated way of saving money during a move. Getting enough boxes for all the stuff in your house usually ends up costing hundreds of dollars. This is a cost that is easily eliminated by taking the time to look for boxes.

You can find cardboard boxes on sites like Craigslist or Kijiji. If you don’t see any listings, you can put up an ad with your request. You can also find good sized, clean cardboard boxes behind certain stores. Stores like Ross, Coles & Marshalls usually have cardboard boxes in a recycling bin behind the store. Take a look for yourself or ask in store if you can have some.

If you work in an office or factory, then you might have an abundance of cardboard boxes at work. You’ll have to spend time hunting for boxes, but when you look at how much it costs to buy them, it’s well worth the sacrifice. Also, there are plenty of companies who will buy the boxes from you when you’re done and put a few dollars back in your pocket!

3. Bring Less Stuff!

Bringing less stuff is the easiest and cheapest way to save money during a move. Weight is a common factor that moving companies use to determine how much they’ll charge you. The less your stuff weighs, the less you’ll pay.

While packing, take the time to discard things you haven’t used in a while. We all have little trinkets and items we keep laying around but never use. Use the time you spend packing to set items aside for donation or to give to friends. If you’re finding things you haven’t used in years, just get rid of them!

4. Spend Time Creating A Budget

Making a budget for your move helps you stay organized and in control of the moving process. Most people are unsure how much moving will cost them in total. By taking them time to make a budget beforehand, you give yourself a clear picture of how much you need for the move and what preparations you need to make.

Making a budget prevents you from spending money you don’t have. Part of your budget should include how much you’ll need after the move to cover your expenses. Finances are usually tight after moving, so it’s important to make sure you have enough to cover your rent, food and other necessary expenses.

Taking the time to plan your move significantly helps with keeping costs under control. Spending a little extra time hunting for boxes and looking for a quality moving company are simple ways you can save money.