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A Healthy Diet: 5 Shopping Strategies at the Health Food Store

A Healthy Diet: 5 Shopping Strategies at the Health Food Store

Unfortunately, you can’t just walk two hours a day, lift 10-lb dumbbells and perform daily five-minute intense workouts. You have to eat right in order to shed unwanted fat on your body.

One of the reasons why Canada is one of the fattest nations on the planet is because we don’t know how to eat a well-balanced diet. Everyone is devouring their Starbucks lattes, imbibing Big Macs and sitting on their sofas eating bags of potato chips and drinking cans of soda pop. This isn’t the right way to eat food. Remember, we eat food to nourish our bodies.

The abundance of health food stores suggest that people are beginning to wake up to the reality of what they put inside their bodies. Although you may not be able to do a whole week’s worth of grocery shopping at the health food store, many of these establishments serve as great complements to your weekly meal plan. Organic, gluten-free or vegetarian, anything helps.

Here are five ways nutritionists will tell you to shop at health food stores:

1. Seek Out Weekly or Monthly Discounts

To get the best bang for your buck, you should regularly seek out weekly or monthly discounts. Since a couple of health food stores are becoming more mainstream and in the consciousness of the modern consumer, discounts are being heralded all over the city. It’s up to you to find them.

Whether it is 20% off your order or save $3 when you spend $10, get your discounts.

2. Bulk Bin Buying is the Best Way to Shop

One of the best ways to save money and get a large amount of whatever you need is to embrace bulk bin buying. Although you should refrain from buying a month’s worth of whole grain pasta or quinoa, it would still be prudent to purchase about a week or two’s worth.

3. Read Through the Ingredients on a Product

If you’re buying prepared food or a can of pasta sauce or some a box of cereal you must perform one task: read through the ingredients on the product.

The ingredients list is key for any health-conscious shopper. The rule of thumb is this: if you see more than five ingredients (or more than two chemical ingredients) then you should pass it.

Many of us don’t read through the ingredients, which can be terrible for our health.

4. No, “Naturally Sweetened” Sweets Still Aren’t Good for You

A common error we make is that we think we can binge on “naturally sweetened” sweets. Just because it doesn’t have glucose-fructose, sodium saccharin, aspartame and refined white sugar, it doesn’t mean that your entire diet should comprise of these sweets.

Indeed, a product with cane sugar and coconut is far better than an Oh Henry or a Coffee Crisp, but you should still refrain from consuming too much. Always eat your fruits and veggies.

5. You Should Still Perform Price Comparison

Even if you’re doing a brief shopping trip to the health food store to add a few items to your evening meals, it would still be wise to perform a price comparison, either with other health food stores or with grocery stores – a growing number of the major chains are adopting healthier products, both vegan and vegetarian! Grab the flyers or look online and find better prices.

When you’re someone who wants to get healthier, shed some pounds and improve their overall lifestyle with herbs and teas and vitamins then a health food store is your oasis. These places have incredible products, vast selections and competitive prices. And a nutritionist will say so.