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5 Beauty Supplies You Should Have in Your Eyelash Extension Kit

5 Beauty Supplies You Should Have in Your Eyelash Extension Kit

It is easy to see why so many people have chosen to get eyelash extensions. They look amazing, keep their great appearance for weeks, give you more self-confidence, and remove the hassle of applying mascara on a daily basis.

Whether you have just started your job applying eyelash extensions or have been doing it for many years, you probably rely on certain tools  and supplies to ensure that the process is flawless, that your customer looks great, and is satisfied with the end result. Below are 5 necessities that are imperative to the eyelash extension process.

1. Tweezers

A good pair of tweezers is essential in applying eyelash extensions. They will allow you to handle the eyelashes safely and prevent anything from getting on them before application. Two sets of tweezers will be especially helpful. Because the eyelash is small and delicate, L-shaped (or curved) tweezers will easily permit you to retrieve the eyelash, apply it to your customer’s eyelid, and adjust if necessary.

Most of your work will be performed with the L-shaped pair of tweezers so getting a durable pair would be best. Straight tweezers will be helpful in separating the eyelashes in the event that they stick together before and after applying to the eyelid.

2. Glue

Obviously the glue is what will keep the eyelash attached to the eyelid so it is a very important part of applying eyelash extensions. When purchasing an adhesive, make sure it does not emit excess fumes that will cause you or your customer to get sick during the application of the eyelashes. A good adhesive will also have a very fast bonding time, usually allowing the lash to stick to the eyelid within 2-5 seconds.

Confirm that the glue also holds for a long period of time, usually about 4-6 weeks. This will allow your customer to enjoy the comfort of their eyelash extensions and prevent them from having to come back because the lash fell off or shifted.

3. Eye pads

During the application process you want to make sure that top and bottom eyelashes do not stick together. Therefore, eye pads are required because they cover the bottom eyelash to make sure it does not stick to the top one being applied. Ideal eye pads are curved to fit perfectly under the eye, are lint-free, and only have a light coat of adhesive at the back for easy removal. If you choose the eye pads with no adhesive, use medical tape to apply them to your customer’s face so they stay in place and can easily be removed afterwards.

4. Brush

A good eyelash brush is pivotal because it is a tool that you will use throughout the eyelash extension process. The brush is used for applying the desired colour and type of mascara onto the eyelash before application and, in addition to the tweezers, to straighten the lash before and after being applied to the eyelid.

It is also used to clean the eyelash with makeup remover, warm water, or shampoo with more precision in the event excess oil is present and to guarantee the lash is free from dirt and debris prior to application. A brush also aids in the removal of an eyelash extension as it can be used with adhesive remover to take off an existing eyelash in favour of a new one.

5. Shampoo

A shampoo for eyelash extensions is imperative because it helps to remove debris and germs from the lash. An actual shampoo specially made for eyelashes is recommended over a baby shampoo which is a common product that people use but it contains fragrances and mineral oils which will eventually break down the adhesive holding the lashes in place. A good shampoo will be water-based, free of irritants, and made with natural ingredients.