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7 Best Home Remedies for Stopped Up Sink

7 Best Home Remedies for Stopped Up Sink

Scattered throughout your home, there are many utilities and appliances that we often take for granted. Take the kitchen sink, for instance, which is not as invulnerable as we may hope to believe. If your model is rather new, you will not experience common problems others may face.

On the flip side, the unfortunate side effect of this is that problems may arise in the future. Specifically, your drain may be the victim of various amounts of buildup that could stop the whole sink. A plumber can unblock the sink and put it back into working order. However, you should rectify these potential issues and solve them before they even occur.

Use these seven home remedies for a stopped up sink:

Remedy #1: Hot Water Solution

In some situations, you may find no better solution to use for protecting your sink than a few cups of hot water. If there is buildup or other deposits inside the drain, you will need to break them apart. To kickstart this easy home remedy, pour a few cups of hot water into the drain.

Do not use boiling water, as there may be adverse consequences. Instead, you should fill your cups with hot water from your bathtub’s drain and go from there. Once your cups have been poured into your sink, wait a few minutes for effect. You should be able to solve the issue without worry.

Remedy #2: Dish Soap Solution

Even though hot water is a great home remedy to employ, it may not work one hundred percent of the time. However, that does not mean that it is without utility. By adding some dish soap to the hot water base, you will have a powerful solution on your hands.

Use the same process as before, and then add a few tablespoons of dish soap into each cup. Pour the solution down the drain, and allow the home remedy to work as intended. The result should be a sink drain that is free of any deposits that have been established inside.

Remedy #3: Sink Auger

While many home remedies do not have the same approach, the efficacy of each one remains the same. Take, for example, the use of a drill. The auger is an incredibly useful tool when manual labour is required. An awesome benefit of this is making your auger at home without purchasing one!

Grab an old coat hanger, and unbend the wire a bit. One end should be fitted into a hook shape, which will be used to dig out deposits in the sink. Stick the auger down the drain and manually claw out any buildup inside. You should be able to resolve this problem in no time at all.

Remedy #4: Baking Soda and Vinegar

Alongside dish soap and water, one of the best home remedies to think about using involves baking soda. When combined with a solid amount of vinegar, the result will be a powerful solution that destroys buildup. A good amount should be used for each material; mix half of a cup of vinegar with another half of baking soda.

Pour this solution down into the drain, and wait about an hour for the solution to work as intended. Afterwards, pour some hot water down the drain and then clear it with water from the sink’s tap. Your drain should be free of any obstructions at this point.

Remedy #5: Baking Soda and Salt

Simply add in some salt to create an even more powerful solution for those stubborn deposits. The natural properties of salt allow for the breaking down chemicals that have established a footing inside a drain. Mix in some salt with baking soda, and add half of a cup of vinegar to the materials.

A key difference with this approach is that you will have to wait one night after pouring it down the drain. Once twenty-four hours have elapsed, pour some hot water down the sink’s drain. The result will be a sink drain that will not stop due to those pesky obstructions!

Remedy #6: Plunger

One of the oldest techniques in the book is also one of the easiest. Grab your plunger, and ensure the lid is fitted over the entire sink drain. Then, pull and push the plunger a few times using some force. Any buildup that was inside should be weakened accordingly.

Remedy #7: Call a Plumber

When it comes to issues related to your sink, there are some problems that a home remedy may not fix. Instead, you should call in an expert who will be able to diagnose and solve the issue outright. Your stopped-up sink does not have to continually suffer when solutions are nearby!