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Wooden Elegance: 4 Guidelines to Buy the Perfect Wood Watch

Wooden Elegance: 4 Guidelines to Buy the Perfect Wood Watch

A friend recently mentioned how cool wooden watches are and that they are eco-friendly and this piqued your interest. In a strange coincidence, you were sitting on a bus and the lady next to you happened to be wearing one. You kept staring at it and could not stop! Now you want one!

Well, who can blame you? Wooden watches are really classy and elegant and is just about the perfect timepiece. However, there are so many in the market now because its popularity has increased tremendously. It can be a little overwhelming, so here is a simple guide to help you choose the right wood watch.

1. Budget

You need to set a realistic budget depending on your circumstances. You can get wooden watches for a decent price but don’t be fooled; some of them can be really expensive as well. You can get some for less than $100 but they can go to over $1,000 as well. Most, however, can cost up to a few hundred dollars for a good watch but again, this really depends on you. Several factors come together in making up the price of a wood watch, such as the brand or the wood that’s used.

You can get cheaper ones depending on where it’s made. For example, those coming from China will be less expensive but they are still fairly decent watches. So, depending on your situation, you can get an affordable wooden watch or you can splash out a bit more to get a really good one, so plan your budget accordingly.

2. Brand

When you do an online search, you will find that certain brands come up. These are really good watches that are beautifully handcrafted and you just can’t go wrong with these. The results of your online search will provide you with certain brands and companies that have a very good reputation, so obviously expect to pay more for these watches. However, there will still be some affordable ones in a price range that may be suitable for you.

3. Specifications

When reading about a particular watch you’re interested in, you’ll find out about the wood used and other features. There will be measurements as well, in case you decide to buy it online. Use a tape measure and fit it around your wrist snugly. For a man, 6 to 7 inch wrist circumference is small to medium and 7 to 8 inches and above is medium to large. For women, 5 to 6 inches is small to medium and 6 to 7 inches and beyond is medium to large.

Most manufacturers tend to make larger watches as they seem more popular. The fit of the band is normally not a problem but if your wrist is too large, some manufacturers provide the tools for you to adjust it, or you can go to a jeweller to have it done.

4. Style

Well, this depends on you, as you can get one that goes with your personality. The easiest ones to shop for are the casual ones. Some woods have striking grain patterns and some come in eye-catching colours too. Many tend to be larger and thicker, but you can certainly find thinner and more sleek styles as well.

You know your situation best, so think of affordability and requirement and what functions you feel are important to you. Blend all your reasons together and narrow down what you’re looking for so that it will be easier to find the perfect wooden watch that’s right for you.