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Pretty Lashes: 6 Ways to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Look Natural

Pretty Lashes: 6 Ways to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Look Natural

As eyelash extensions gain popularity, more people are heading to the salon to get them done. Lashes can drastically enhance the look of an individual’s face. But, there are many that are worried they will not like what they see, once the appointment is over. So, if you’re worried about being stuck with lashes that don’t suit your face, follow these tips to ensure your lash experience lives up to the hype.

1. Do Your Research

Prior to scheduling an appointment, shop around. Don’t feel the need to book with the first person you find, after all- these lashes can last on your face for up to 6 weeks! There are many salons that offer this service, so picking a trusted source, with good reviews, is necessary. Look for photos of prior work the technician completed. This will let you know exactly what to expect from their work.

2. Know What to Ask For

This goes hand-in-hand with doing your research. Just like it is with any other service provided, the individual must know what is it you want. If you desire a natural look- make sure you use the words ‘natural’ or ‘classic’. Avoid words that can misconstrue the message. Words like ‘volume’ or ‘glamorous’ could confuse the technician, and cause them to use a more dramatic looking lash. If you’re not good with your words-bring a picture along to show them!

3. Take Care of Them

This is an important part of maintaining a natural look while wearing the eyelash extensions. Inevitably, your lashes will begin to shed. To avoid the lashes from falling out prematurely, avoid wetting them up to 24 hours after the application. As well, avoid future contact with creams that can loosen the glue. If the lashed begin to fall out, this can result in an uneven, and unnatural look.

4. Material Matters

There are two types of materials that eyelash extensions come in: synthetic and natural. Both come with their added benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to know what to get for a natural look. Though a natural material, looks more like a natural lash, they can lose their shape when exposed to heat and water. So, if shape is a concern for you, getting a natural material may not be best. Natural materials are also more likely to shed faster, as it is a thinner material opposed to the synthetics offered.

5. Don’t Use Mascara Like Usual

You should not use water-proof mascara on your lashes, regardless of the material. Using it, can cause your lashes to be pulled off, and result in an uneven look. If you want to use a mascara to enhance your look, only apply to the tips. If you apply like usual, it can cause clumping at the base and look unnatural.

6. Certified Professionals Only

An inexperienced person applying lashes, can result in an undesired look. If applied incorrectly, you may find them too uncomfortable to wear. This can happen if the technician did not glue the lash in its correct spot. Because the skin around the eye is such a sensitive area, if they are incorrectly applied, the lashes can irritate the skin. Also, if the technician is not properly trained, they could apply the lashes incorrectly, and cause clumping or breaking. Professionals are more likely to use high quality items, and be able to walk you through the different types of options available.