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Origin Story: 7 Signs You Should Take a DNA Test

Origin Story: 7 Signs You Should Take a DNA Test

Advancements in ancestry DNA testing have been remarkable in the recent past. Today, you can have a DNA test done and results delivered to you online without having to visit a DNA testing clinic. Besides curiosity issues, there are many reasons why people seek ancestry DNA testing.

While some seek DNA testing out of curiosity, others do it for issues that are more pertinent; such as medical complications. Below are a number of signs that you are likely to benefit from an ancestry DNA test.

1. Difficulty Losing Weight

If you have been trying to lose weight, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get those pounds off you, it might be something in your genes. According to Time magazine, there are several gene variants that could predispose you, and your children, to obesity. Having an ancestry DNA test can reveal if there is a gene in your family that makes it difficult for you to lose weight.

2. You Look Different from Your Siblings

If you keep hearing people say that you don’t look like anyone in your family, perhaps this has something to do with the fact that your lineage is elsewhere. Having an ancestry DNA test done can put the issue to rest since it determines who your blood relatives really are.

3. Chronic Illness

A DNA test can determine whether you are predisposed to a chronic disease. Having a genetic testing done can identify risk factors that you could have inherited from your parents. These include determining whether you are at a high risk of contracting colon or breast cancer, among other chronic ailments. Although knowing that you are predisposed to a certain chronic disease does not mean you will get it, you can take preventative measure to minimize the chances of contracting it.

4. Curious about Your Family Tree

If you are curious about your ancestors, an ancestry DNA test can help. Whereas there are some limitations to this kind of test since you might need to undergo multiple layers of testing, and the fact that some tests only work for men, based on the test you decide to undertake, you can trace your family tree across generation past. Since there are numerous ancestry databases online, it’s highly likely you will find a match.

5. Concerns about Having Children with Genetic Disorders

A DNA test should reveal if there are genetic disorders in your family that could predispose an unborn child to certain conditions such as the Down syndrome. This information alone can help you make informed decisions about having children. If you decide to have children, you can have your newborn baby screened for any of the potential disorders so as to start treatment early on.

6. You Don’t Know Your Kin

If you do not know who your relatives are, a DNA test can help. Once your autosomal DNA test is placed in a database, the system checks the entries for potential matches. Soon, you could find yourself surrounded by wonderful relatives you never knew you had.

7. You Are Curious about Your Origin

The geographical feature of an ancestry DNA test helps you trace the origin of your family. You are able to establish the regions your ancestors came from. This is done by comparing your DNA results with others from all over the world. You might be surprised to discover that your ancestors came from a country you never could have imagined in a million years.

If you have questions about your roots, an ancestry DNA test can answer those questions for you. However, while performing a DNA test, you be prepared for the outcome, whether positive or negative.