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Alternative to Weight Loss: 5 Practical Reasons to Getting a Tummy Tuck

Alternative to Weight Loss: 5 Practical Reasons to Getting a Tummy Tuck

From complicated meal plans, to exercise, personal training and dieting; people will go to great lengths to achieve a toned tummy. The stomach is one of the hardest areas to maintain which can make toning difficult. That’s why an increasing amount of people are turning to plastic surgery to finally see the results they’ve always wanted.

Abdominoplasty’s or ‘tummy tucks’ are now one of the most common types of plastic surgery procedures. This procedure will not only leave you feeling tight and toned, but it can help to boost your confidence, alleviate discomfort, and have you feeling great.

If you’ve been failing to lose the weight, we’ve outlined why a tummy tuck could be the procedure you need.

1. Post-Pregnancy

Following pregnancy, one of the negative side effects that all new moms experience is a separation of their abdominal muscles. This is a normal occurrence that causes loose and hanging skin to form around the stomach. When this separation occurs, no amount of exercise will be able to get back the tight muscles they had prior to giving birth. A tummy tuck can work to resolve these issues. It will surgically help patients re-gain the strength that was lost in their abdominal wall and leave patients with stronger and slimmer tummy’s.

2.  Weight Fluctuations

If you’re someone who has undergone a significant weight change, chances are your mid-section has experienced some stretching. That’s because, a dramatic increase or decrease in weight can leave patients with a stretched abdominal wall.

Once this wall has been stretched, it is nearly impossible to get back without the help of surgery. Instead, weight loss patients are left with excess and sagging skin that no amount of exercise can help. A tummy tuck is needed to tighten the abdominal wall and give the individual a much-needed boost of confidence.

3. If You’ve Tried It All Before

From intense workout plans, to healthy eating, and more; if you feel like you’ve tried it all there may be a better solution for you. Even if you haven’t experienced a significant change in weight or pregnancy, there may be other influencing factors that is causing this excess stomach fat. A person’s abdominal wall may be weaker due to hereditary genes, or aging. In these cases, surgery may be the only way to resolve it, and you should speak to a professional to see what they can do for you.

4. Comfort

The excess skin that is left behind during a significant weight loss or pregnancy can not only be unsightly, but uncomfortable to deal with. Many struggles to fit into the clothes they would like to, leaving them with poor self-esteem. That’s because most clothing items are not designed to accommodate this excess skin. Other issues can arise from this such as constant chafing and rashes by the skin rubbing together. But, by removing this layer of skin, the individual can finally feel relief, and fully enjoy their life. Not having to carry around the excess weight can also make athletic activities more enjoyable as patients won’t have to worry about pain.

5.  Relief from Back Pain

A tummy tuck can also help people who struggle with back pain. This is because, their mid-section is tightened during the procedure; making it stronger and better able to support the body. This increased abdominal strength corrects the posture and teaches the body to rely on the stomach muscles rather than the back for support.