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A Lesson in Fire Safety: 4 Simple Steps to Using a Fire Blanket in Your Home

A Lesson in Fire Safety: 4 Simple Steps to Using a Fire Blanket in Your Home

Just like a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket is a useful item to have in your home. Perhaps you have a workshop or if you’re lucky enough to have a nice boat, fire blankets can come in really handy as well.

These are places that can have fires and it can be quickly controlled and put out, saving money by preventing damage, or, it could even save a life. Having a fire blanket is one thing but how would you use it? Here is a simple guide to using a fire blanket in your home.

1. Getting The Blanket

Your fire blanket should be mounted on a wall, so if you have not done so, take care of this first. Make sure it is nice and secure. In the event you need it, there will be two tabs or tapes hanging from the bottom. Pull them to release the blanket, in the event of a fire or sparks.

2. How To Carry It

Once you have the blanket out, make sure to cover your forearms and hands with the blanket so that you protect yourself. If the flames are a little bigger, make sure to use the blanket to protect your face and body as well.

3. Placing Blanket Over Flames

It is quite natural to be scared and panic, but try to remain calm so you can think clearly. In a panic, the tendency may be to throw the blanket on top of the flames. Try never to do this. This could actually end up feeding the fire and there’s also a possibility you could miss. Remember, the way you’re carrying the fire blanket is giving you some protection. Lay the blanket on the flame and this should smother it. The blanket should cover the entire flame. If the flames are getting bigger and are bigger than the blanket, you need to call the fire department and get yourself out and into a safe area. If it can be handled, make sure to extinguish the source of the heat. This will help to stop feeding the fire and also shorten the time to smother the flames.

4. Wait At Least 15 Minutes

At this point, do not remove or even touch the blanket. Just let everything be for 15 minutes, if not longer. It does take a while to completely suffocate the flames. If you decide to check out of curiosity before it is completely suffocated, this action will cause oxygen to feed it and it could start to burn once again.

The above steps are for a fire in your home, but what about if someone’s clothes catch on fire?

1.Wrap the person with the fire blanket and try to make sure it’s tight. Make sure to protect yourself as well.

2. The person may be in a panic and moving vigorously. Tell them to stop and immediately drop to the floor and roll on the floor so as to suffocate the flames. Try to cover every part that is burning. You can also help to press and hold the blanket to suffocate the flames even quicker.

3. It’s important to seek medical care, so if you can, take the person to hospital or call an ambulance. There may also be some smoke inhalation, so get medical help as soon as possible.