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7 Lying Husband Signs in a Troubled Marriage

7 Lying Husband Signs in a Troubled Marriage

For some people, lying is a part of life and relationships. But little lies matter, especially in marriage. And these seeming white lies can build up and destroy a relationship. Now, the feeling of being lied to can be heart-wrenching especially when it comes from your husband.

Moreover, it can be hard to catch a lie, since the intent is to mask it as the truth. Your suspicions could even make it harder to get to the truth since you don’t have a clear picture. If you have doubts about your husband’s loyalty, it might be a good idea to hire a private detective to investigate further. The investigation may either reveal your husband’s guilt or innocence, which will help you make an informed decision about your marriage.

There are small signs to look out for on your quest for the truth. From gaslighting to defensiveness, here are seven lying husband signs you need to be aware of:

Sign #1: Your husband’s stories are inconsistent

It takes a lot to maintain a lie. From little details like dates to locations, it’s easier to write a novel than keep up a lie for long. When you start to see cracks in his stories, he’s probably lying to you. While it’s easy to focus on the big picture, it’s the little details in the story that you should look out for.

Liars tend to paint a really big picture to throw you off their scent. If things just don’t add up, there’s a big chance you’re being lied to.

Sign #2: Your husband’s body language is off

Body language can be one of the most apparent lying husband signs. Many people lie to protect themselves from different consequences. So, they’re not exactly in their comfort zone in the moment of lying. If he fidgets or leans away from you while answering a question you asked, that could be a sign. Sometimes, it works the other way round if he’s concentrating hard to tell the lie.

In this case, he suddenly stops moving and fixates on the same position until he’s done talking. Again, it takes a lot of brainpower to tell a lie, and the body gives off the signs most times.

Sign #3: Your husband is defensive

As mentioned above, lying puts people in an uncomfortable position so they’re always on the defense. In this case, a simple question about dinner could result in him accusing you of not trusting him. If you ask an innocent question and he reacts negatively, that’s not a good sign.

Sometimes, partners act irritably towards each other probably because of a bad workday. But when this defensiveness causes him to turn the tables on you and accuse you of doing something wrong, he’s hiding a lie.

Sign #4: Your husband is evasive

Another sign to look out for is if he constantly evades a conversation you’re trying to have. He could either completely avoid answering your questions or try to distract you. Pretending to not know what you’re talking about or trying to change the topic is a big red flag.

In fact, a good liar will attempt to swiftly direct the flow of the conversation to pretend to show concern for you. In this scenario, there’s a chance that he hasn’t told the full lie and is simply working the courage to concoct a rehearsed answer to your question.

Sign #5: Your husband makes you doubt your thoughts

Ever heard of the term ‘gaslighting’? It’s when someone manipulates others by denying the facts making them question their thoughts and observations. Imagine someone telling you this line you’re reading right now doesn’t exist and you’re in fact, imagining the alphabets and sentences in this article. That sounds wild, right?

Well, gaslighting is one of the strongest tactics liars use to manipulate others into doubting the truth. If you caught your partner in an obvious lie and he convinces you that your observation is a part of your imagination, he’s probably trying to plant the seeds of doubt in your mind.

Sign #6: Your husband keeps lying about the same topic

Lying about a certain topic can become a pattern if left unchecked. It could be the smallest, insignificant thing. But once he has lied about the same thing more than once, there’s a big chance he won’t stop lying about it no matter how many times you catch him.

It can be argued that most people are only consistent with white lies. But lying about the same thing could be a sign that your husband has a bigger secret than you’re imagining.

Sign #7: Your husband is suddenly secretive

Relationships require a healthy balance of openness and privacy to thrive. Privacy in this case shouldn’t mean keeping secrets and hiding details from each other. Rather, couples should respect each other’s boundaries and enjoy personal space from time to time. So, when you feel your partner has become suddenly secretive, they’re probably lying to you.

For example, if your partner’s response to almost any question has suddenly become, “I don’t wanna talk about it”, you should be wary about being lied to. In relationships, hiding information is akin to lying since it’s a form of dishonesty. If they’re not usually secretive, this could be a bad sign.