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Classroom Hero: 5 Benefits of Becoming a Teacher

Classroom Hero: 5 Benefits of Becoming a Teacher

Being a teacher can be challenging at times as you deal with unmotivated students, uninvolved parents, large classroom sizes, and budget cuts. While these issues would turn many people off of pursuing a teaching career, there are way more benefits than drawbacks to doing so. Below are only 5 benefits of becoming a teacher and reasons why this career is attractive and satisfying to those in the field.

1. Gives a platform to inspire others

Teachers have a very important role in our society as they interact with children and prepare them for adulthood. Regardless of the level of education you are providing, whether it be kindergarten, primary, or high school, teachers are a pivotal role in the development of students and are effective in preparing them for the future.

Teachers have great influence on what or who the student eventually becomes and as you share your knowledge and experience, your students will base many decisions on your advice. Most students will tend to emulate their favourite teachers and you can instill not only discipline, but also character, self-confidence and a strong sense of responsibility.

2. Break the mould

While teachers do have certain curriculums they need to teach their students provided by the school board, you can still make it your own and use your own methods to make the material more fun and enjoyable for your students. It is usually the teachers that are different in their approach that are often remembered by students and not only will you makes classes more enjoyable for them, you will look forward to going in to the school every day.

A teacher is an occupation where you can do something new each and every school day, allowing you to escape the monotony of so many other jobs out there.

3. Fresh beginnings every year

If you choose to pursue teaching as a career, you will have the opportunity to positively influence thousands of lives. Every year you will have a new group of students to teach, allowing you to see the transitions that children make throughout their lives. This fresh start each year is needed in every career as it allows you to re-dedicate your life and make new plans and objectives. It eliminates the boredom of routine and interacting with the same people as well.

You will rarely be bored as a teacher as each group of students comes with varying abilities, personalities, and responses to your attempts to teach them. New students may bring new challenges and experiences, but this should be more interesting than a routine with the same people year after year.

4. Ideal schedule

Taking time off work is something not many professions allow especially at the beginning. Most professions require straight days of at least 8 hours but teaching on the other hand allows you the flexibility to stay longer some days but depart for home right after school ends some days too.

As a teacher, you will have summers, weekends, and holidays off as your attendance is only required when classes are in session. This amount of time off will allow you to prepare for future classes, relax, pursue your own interest, and spend time with family and friends.

5. Pursue interests

Besides fostering an environment for creativity and sharing, teaching allows you to explore your own intellectual interests and passions at the same time. For instance, if you are interested in geography, you can take courses while in teachers college to pursue a career as a geography teacher.

If you are interested, you can take continuing education courses and obtain a prestigious Masters of Education to reach the level of a professor that will allow you to teach at a college or university. Unlike most other careers, teaching offers a unique opportunity to earn an impressive living while at the same time pursuing your interests that will make you happy and reduce stress.